How do we work our horses

Horses are worked everyday: soft but constant work.

Recent investigation demonstrates that three year old horses brought from the fields to the barn to be started under saddle, suffer a process of bone mass lose, that can translate into weaknesses and lameness. It is for this reason that experts recommend to move the horses every day so that their lives pattern does not change dramatically when compared to when they moved free in the fields.

At the BRH stud all horses are moved everyday and in different occasions, firstly in the walker in the morning for about two hours, then they are or lounged or ridden and sometimes they come out again to the walker in the evening when days are long. All in all our horses are out of their stalls at least 2.5 hours per day. This has, additionally, the key benefit of keeping the energy levels stable, since through a stable degree of work everyday, you set up a working pattern that gives all horses the opportunity to get rid off the extra energy, they would accumulate if not worked daily. As a result, the atmosphere at our barn is very quiet despite most of our horses being young stallions.  They are happy, balanced minded horses.

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