Leticia and Manzanillo

How I met Manzanillo BRH

It is a fact, I am a horse lover. Since I can remember I have wanted to have a horse. I have had many and in all colours when I was a child, but it was not until I had a job and a career when I could afford a real one and I decided to start the search of my ideal horse. I wanted one I could fully trust, beautiful and loving, this is to say, a PRE/Andalusian horse.

I talked to friends, searched in the Internet, travelled my region visiting studs and stables, but didn’t find my love. But one day I found the BRH stud and I met Enrique, head of the stud, a man completely involved in the horse world and very passionate about all his horses. As soon as I arrived and see the premises, horses and the team of professionals, I realized I was in a high caliber place, very different to the places I had visited before. They welcome me and felt the atmosphere was transparent and sincere, so important when you are buying a horse.

I spent the whole weekend with Enrique and his team, trying different horses and looking for the best match for me. The moment I saw Manzanillo was love at first sight and when I had the opportunity of riding and galloping on him in the countryside I fell completely in love, that was my horse, or Manzanillo or no horse!!.

Leticia-y-Manzanillo-clientesManzanillo is a fantastic PRE/Andalusian horse, with very expressive movements , long mane, very intelligent and sportive, as one of my friends say, Manzanillo is like one of those horses you see in the paintings you see in museums, but it was his deep and beautiful eyes what really swept my feet of.

When Enrique asked me to write some lines, I didn’t know what to write but one thing I had very clear, I wanted to thank the treatment I was given, the wise advice and the support I was given and continue to receive. I want also to congratulate you for the way you care about your horses and the passion you put in everything you do.

One last thing I want to say, I fully recommend the BRH stud to everyone wanting to buy a horse.

Manzanillo y Leticia.

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