Pernilla and Lancero BRH



Lancero BRH is a dream come true. He is a horse with a balanced mind in a balanced body and riding him is a real pleasure. He loves working, his movements are light and easy and he learns easily. Lancero is sensitive to the rider and focused while working. After having suffered several horse accidents throughout my life, it was very important for me to find a horse I could trust. After riding Lancero for the first two weeks after he arrived to my stable in Sweden and taking him out to the countryside with my husband and his horse, I felt completely safe to go out with him alone. The pleasure and happiness I experienced after galloping on Lancero across the fields without any tension cannot be described with words, everything thanks to his incredible personality. Having learnt about Lancero’s background and his insecurity as a youngster with the rest of his brothers, makes my happiness and gratitude even greater, because we have both overcome our insecurities and fears and we are today capable of enjoying things together. I love Lancero for the horse he is and I feel very fortunate for having him in my life. Lancero is the horse of my life and turning my dream into reality has been a wonderful experience from the very beginning and to a great degree thanks to Enrique de Benito and his professional team. Enrique put all his effort in finding the horse he thought would be the best match for me. He was also very helpful in the organization of our trip to Spain and was a great host when my husband and I visited the BRH stud.
The BRH stud is very well organized, the team of riders are very nice and they show the horses in a gentle way, showing lots of love and respect to them all. All horses behaved incredibly well. Enrique’s extensive experience in shipping horses made the whole export process fast and easy, even for us who had never bought a horse abroad. I recommend this stud with all my heart!!. “Nothing happens unless first a dream”
Pernilla Olausson & Lancero
Skogsgården Timmele, Sweden



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