Sarka and Colunguele

Colunguele is an incredible horse. The road I travelled to find him was long but easy. When I was a kid I always dreamed about having my own horse. My parents used to tell me every Christmas, Sarka you have to wait until you have enough money to buy it. Once I finished my studies, found a job and save the money, everything was very easy because Conlunguele’s breeder Enrique, helped me a lot. He offered me the possibility to visit his stud and spend few days there trying the horse indoor and outside in the countryside.

When I saw Colunguele live, I liked him even more than in the pictures I had seen in the stud website. I loved his movements and his character, I immediately decided he was the horse I was looking for. Now, a month after he arrived to my stable, I think we make a great pair, we understand and accept each other perfectly well. Now I have a new dream, becoming a breeder to produce my own horses. Many thanks Enrique for making so easy the road to make my life happier.

Sarka Riegelová

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