Come to visit us

Come and visit us, we will be delighted to have you with us and show you our horses and the way we do things.

If you are looking for a horse, we make things easy for you to come and try all our horses for as long as you need.  We will be happy to pick you at the Madrid airport and bring you back in case you need it.

You will be welcome to spend the time you want with our team and see and ride the BRH horses. Buying a horse is a complex process that needs time with the horse you think you might fit well. This is why we offer you to come and stay with the horse you like for as long as you think you need. Clean it, shower it, get him on the truck, ride him in the arena and take a lesson with our rider, or go outside with other horses or alone to check its reaction. Only when you are 100% that is your horse, then buy it.

We sell most of our horses abroad, so we have plenty of experience in dealing with all paperwork needed to export a horse abroad. We can also help you organizing your hotel stay while you visit us so that you have a wonderful time at the BRH stud.

Information about our horses and how to visit us in Spain. We have the best horses.
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