How do I buy a horse in this stud if I am a foreigner?


At the BRH stud we have lots of experience at helping our clients to make their dream of buying their Andalusian horse from us. We have been in the business of breeding and selling our horses for very long and have many happy clients in many different markets.

How do we structure the process of buying a horse from us?

1.- First thing we do after receiving an inquire from a potential customer is providing as much info as possible of the horse, which includes recents pictures and videos, xrays and if required Piro tests (we are located in a Piro free area in Spain). The client can check all that info with their advisors and vets before deciding on buying their plane tickets. Any additional info required is also provided.

2.- Once the client has a plane ticket we offer airport pick up/return services and help them finding the closest and nicest hotel where to stay during their visit.

3.- Since we always offer more than one horse to try to our clients (normally we have around 25 to 30 horses in training), we advise our clients to stay at least two full days with us. Apart from riding the horses, we show our clients the mares and stallions and other relatives to the horse/s they are interested in. Clients and their trainers are welcome to ride the horses in the conditions they want and also handle the horses, shower them, get them into the trailer and in general deal with the horse as they would do at home.

4.- Once they have cleared up their minds for a horse, clients local vet must provide the kind of purchase exam they would like to perform on the horse. We take the horse on our own truck and for free down to Madrid, to one of the best horse hospitals in Spain, where xrays quality are excellent and the vets performing the check are very experienced in sport horses and fluent in english. The vets start the check coordinated with the buyer’s vet so if they find something that could be a concern, they stop the check until the buyer’s vet gives approval to continue. We do it this way in order to keep costs as low as possible. once the check is finished, all material including videos, xrays, etc is sent to the buyer`s vet, who has to approve the purchase.

5.- We help our clients choosing the best transport combination and if required transport the horse from the stud premises to the quarantine center in case the country of destination’s law requires so. During quarantine we visit the horse frequently and send the new horse owner pictures and videos of their horse. Our riders would also visit the quarantine center to ride the horse once every 7-10 days, so the horse is under control. We only work with the best transport professionals.

6.- We produce/provide all export paperwork needed

7.- Once the horse has arrived to destination we keep in touch with our clients to help them with the process of dealing with the horse while he adapts to his new environment. We also help trainers with any potential issue regarding the horse training.

We have many happy friends today who bought a horse from us!


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