The BRH team

Enrique de Benito

Head of the BRH Stud

I am Enrique de Benito, head of the BRH stud. I have been breeding horses since 1993. In general, horses are my life and my big love/passion over 45 years.

After many years of big efforts, in terms of selection, investment and learning, the BRH stud is today at its best time ever!

Firstly because our horses have an excellent conformation for sport:

Our horses don’t have the most frequent conformation faults present in the breed. Besides and most importantly, our horses are much more sportive than the average PRE horses. Our horses have stronger backs, longer and more sloped croups, much lighter and longer necks, more straight leg conformation, wider hooves and a more solid bone structure that the average of the breed.

Secondly and of paramount importance, the BRH horses have great minds for sport. A good conformation means nothing, if it is not accompanied by a very good mind. A good character for sport is achieved by the selection of the right genetics on the first place, but apart from that, I strongly believe, that the way we treat our horses from the very first minute after their birth, influences a lot the formation of their good character. We give them a lot of care and love since they are born. Our horses are sensitive, easy to handle, both at hand and under saddle, they will forgive your mistakes and will cooperate being always with you, listening to you and giving you their best. They are, however, energetic horses, always willing to go and work.

I also believe it is very important that our potential clients know that most of our broodmares today are sisters of horses that are trained and/or are competing in PSG or Grand Prix level by some of our clients:

 This gives us a great competitive advantage in comparison with many other studs, where horses are trained only to a very basic level if any. We have strongly invested in good riders and in competition for many years, and, consequently, today we have a lot of information about our breeding lines. Additionally, we pair these mares, only with stallions, that are at least trained PSG level with high scores, have great conformation and rideability, and are also beautiful. I consider that competition horses should also be beautiful.

 Important to know is, besides, we have been breeding our horses since 1993 in a Piro free area, which has allowed us to sell horses to countries, such as e.g. USA or Canada where Piro positive horses are not allowed to be imported.

Last but not least, many of our happy clients and trainers compete our horses in different markets and they are the best representatives of our stud all around the world.

Enrique de Benito


Daniel Perez

Dressage rider

My name is Daniel Perez. I think I am very fortunate, I work in what it was my hobby when I was a kid. I am a dressage professional rider. I started riding at the age of five with my whole life teacher Carmen Teresa Gomez-Jarabo in the Ecuestrian Center Montuenga. Since I was a kid I had always clear I wanted to be a rider. At 16 I started training with Eduardo Mellado, international rider, working at the Overlar stud. Meanwhile I kept studying. In 2012 I entered the Real Maestranza de Ronda, one of the most prestigious riding schools in Spain and my dream came true. My teachers were international riders Enrique Cruces and Jose Carlos Castillo, both managers of the school. In 2013 I finished at the school but continued training with the same teachers until 2015 at La Donaira stud. After that I briefly worked at Ymas stud and soon after that I traveled to the US to train and work at PIAFFE PERFORMANCE with the olympian rider Cesar Parra. There I had the opportunity to ride top warmbloods and compete them in prestigious arenas like Wellington. After that great experience I moved back to Spain to start working at the BRH stud training and preparing horses for competition. I feel very comfortable here and feel involved in a project with a great future.


Daniel Perez Gonzalez


Amalia Girona

Dressage rider

Passion for animals is what took me to the wonderful world of horses. I have always enjoyed riding a lot as a hobby, which I have been doing since I was 8 years old. I loved being at the stable taking care of the horses in general and of course riding them. I started riding in a stable in Madrid with the rider Carmen Teresa Gomez Jarabo. I learned with her the the basics of dressage. Years later I started working in the same stable, giving lessons and as a rider. I also bought my first horse, Elegido who with I participated in the first competitions. Later I changed Elegido by a beautiful black mare. I learned and enjoyed her a lot. I realised that is what I wanted to do professionally. Time later I was offered a position as a rider in a prestigious stable in the US, working with Olympian rider Cesar Parra, where I could ride top dressage horses. I came back to Spain and started working at the BRH stud, a project I find exciting.

Amalia Girona

Jorge Dominguez Cuenca

Dressage rider

I was born in Puente Genil, a town located in the province of Córdoba. I love equitation since I can remember. At home there were always horses. At the age of ten, I started dedicating myself more seriously to horses at the local school Curro Vera located in Osuna, but my interest then was closer to Vaquera riding. Once I was eighteen, I decided to become a professional dressage rider and I moved to Ronda to start my schooling in dressage with the International dressage rider Enrique Cruces. I spent two great years with him. Soon after I decided to move to Germany to keep on getting more training and experience with Juan Manuel Vidal, also an International rider. Two years after, I decided to move back to Spain and took a rider position at the BRH stud where, I have found a great degree of involvement from his owner in the search of top iberian horses for FEI competition. I want to thank Enrique for his trust in myself and for giving me the opportunity to belong to this magnificent team.

Jorge Dominguez Cuenca

Silvio Castillo

Stud Manager

Silvio is the heart of the BRH stud. He has been working with me for more than 15 years. Silvio is a very professional equestrian, who works and cares non-stop for all the horses at the stud. Silvio has always shown a total compromise with the BRH project.

He is in charge of the mares, foals, feeding, cleaning and general maintenance of all stud premises and pastures.



Carlos Sanchez

Stud vet

Jacobo Dorado

Stud Farrier

Very happy to be part of this great BRH stud project shoeing great horses who besides are so easy and nice to handle, which makes my work much easier.


Jacobo Dorado



Jorge de la Calle


The equine veterinary team at the Sierra de Madrid Veterinary Hospital and myself, Dr. de la Calle have been working together with the BRH stud local veterinarian Dr. Carlos Sanchez for many years, attending and treating horses from the BRH stud, a top stud in his class. It has been always a pleasure to work in such a nice environment, motivated with the highest standards from the people who works there. Very talented and well behaved horses and always looking for the highest standards in competition and always putting first the horses health and welfare.


About Dr. Jorge de la Calle:

After graduation from Veterinary School in 1993 Dr. Jorge de la Calle took a 1 year externship position at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, UK. After that, he completed a 2 years internship position at the Southern California Equine Foundation, Los Angeles, California. He worked 1 more year at the Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center at Los Olivos, California. After that he completed a 3 years Equine Surgery Residency position at Louisiana State University, Veterinary School, where he completed 1 more year as a Veterinary Surgeon Clinical Instructor. Dr. De la Calle became diplomate of the “American College of Veterinary Surgeons” in 2003 and also became diplomate of the “European College of Veterinary Surgeons” in 2004. Dr. De la Calle is head of the Equine Department at the Sierra de Madrid Veterinary Hospital.

Jorge de la Calle del Barrio

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