Andrómeda BRH


General description

When compared to the breed standard, Andrómeda falls, both in terms of conformation and movements, clearly in the most sportive segment. Her origins are made of a blend of very good high level andalusian sport horses. Her dad, Obispo XVI is not only a CALIFICADO stallion of the breed, but also he is trained to PSG level. We believe Andrómeda can make a very good dressage horse, in which a good conformation is completed by an incredible generous mind, making Andromeda a super nice and rideable horse. Andromeda was born and is being trained at the BRH stud in a piro free are of northern Spain.

Conformation and  dressage potential

Andrómeda is a 16.1 hands horse, with solid bone and skeletal structure. She looks quite a lot to her mother Maravilla BRH, who after a few births, has confirmed her incredible quality as a broodmare, producing very sportive and beautiful horses.

Under saddle Andrómeda shows the average typical character of all BRH horses, this is, active, always with the rider, sensitive to the aids and with a very nice cooperative go. Andromeda has three good basic gaits, with a very good hind leg. We truly believe Andrómeda can make a wonderful dressage mount as well as a wonderful sport horses broodmare. Among her ancestors there are many close relatives in PSG and GP (Her dad Obispo XVI, Nubio, Tracio, Ebano, Centeno, etc all in PSG/GP)


Andromeda´s dad Obispo XVI is not only a CALIFICADO stallion, he is also trained PSG level. Among Andrómeda's close relatives, there are many trained in PSG/GP level (Centeno, Nubio, Tracio, Ebano, etc) Andromeda pedigree

Sports results

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