Artemisa BRH


General Description

Artemisa is a young andalusian mare with both, a conformation and movements for dressage. Her origins are a blend of excellent PRE dressage horses trained PSG and GP level. Her dad Obispo XVI, is not only a CALIFICADO stallion of the breed, but he is also trained PSG level. On her mother lineage, Artemisa has many close relatives also trained PSG/GP level, such as Tracio, Nubio, Ebano, Centeno or Abanico, all of them successfully competing in the US with their current owners. Artemisa is a sound horse, born and trained at the BRH stud in a Piro free area in northern Spain.

Conformation and dressage potential

Artemisa is a 16 hands horse approximately, sportive, built squared and light moving. She has three good basic gaits and above all, she has powerful hind leg, active, fast, always beneath her body. Under saddle, Artemisa shows the typical nice character of all BRH horses, always listening to the rider, gentle, forgiving and with a nice go. We believe Artemisa can make a very good dressage mount, as well as a wonderful mare as her mother Turca has already proved to be.


Artemisa's dad is the CALIFICADO stallion Obispo XVI, trained PSG level. On her mother's side, Artemisa has many close relatives in the high levels (Nubio, Tracio, Centeno, Ebano, etc)  Pedigree of Artemisa BRH

Sports results

No competition experience.


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