Elbrus BRH


Date of birth


General description

Elbrus BRH is a compact and beautifully built grey gelding  bred and born at the BRH stud. With a height of 16 hands. Elbrus is a strongly built horse, with three good basic gaits, adorable character, very handsome and trained to his age level according to FEI standards. He has never been lame or had a colic. A chip discovered in one of his joints at the stud annual xray test when he was three was removed and he is back to training, happy and healthy

Conformation and training potential

Elbrus BRH shows a good conformation for dressage. He is squared, long legged and naturally uphill horse. His neck is light, his back and loin are straight, strong and perfectly connected. His leg conformation is also very correct, particularly the hind leg, that falls straight, which, in combination with an sloped croup and long femur, makes the horse move well under his body. Elbrus two best gaits are walk and canter, with walk being specially good for an Iberian horse. As it happens with most horses, his trot will improve over time when he gets stronger. We believe Elbrus is a horse with Gran Prix potential, given his conformation, the quality of his gaits, his uphill attitude and his capacity for collection. He has very close relatives in Gran Prix (Tracio BRH and Nubio BRH) and other in PSG/Inter level (Abanico BRH, Centeno BRH, Ebano BRH Borneo BRH and Morfeo BRH).


Elbru’s character is definitely one of his strongest points, as he is just an adorable horse who loves people and attention. He is also very cooperative under saddle and a hard working guy. No vices of any kind. Many people ask why I did castrate him, the answer is market reasons, as clients demand more and more gelded horses since public barns do not take stallions in most countries.




Elbrus pedigree is strong in dressage as I commented before because of his many close relatives in high training levels. His father Trajano (passed away in 2016) was full sibling to Tracio BRH, Nubio BRH, Abanico BRH, Centeno BRH, Ebano BRH, all of them competing successfully in the US with their owners. On Elbrus mother's line, Ingeniera is mother also to Borneo BRH, competing in Austria and also in PSG level. Ingeniera's mum Centellita was a daughter of Spain's conformation champion Centella V, one of the breed's most important horses in recent history.   See Elbrus pedigree

Sports results

Elbrus has never competed due to his age. He will very probably start his competition career in 2017


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