Parsifal BRH


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General description

Parsifal BRH is a wonderful sportive 16.2 hands stallion, bred and trained at the BRH stud. He is one of the best dressage horses we have ever bred. His dad is FEI GP stallion Impaciente II, reserve conformation champion at SICAB too. Parsifal is confirmed in a very competitive PSG/Inter I level, having made his debut in this level in 2017 with very good results. He is now offering all GP exercises and we expect to debut him in GP in 2018.

Parsifal is a healthy horse who has never been lame, or suffered a colic. Despite he is a stallion he has never bred so in case of being shipped to the USA the cost of export would equal approximately the cost of exporting a gelding.

Conformation and potential for sport

The conformation of Parsifal is that of an sport horse. Approximately squared, same height than length, Parsifal is an above the average tall dressage iberian horse with 16.3 hands (1.66 m). His shoulder-arm angle is wide, letting his front leg come out easily, long cannon bones explain for his front leg elevation. His neck is curved, long and light, with a very nice insertion to a head tending to small. One of his strongest points is without doubt his excellent straight back and strong and round loin, that connects perfectly with a long, slightly sloped croup. Parsifal is naturally uphill and so he moves too, being his canter his best gait. Both his knees and hocks show a good flexion and activity, so both his passage and piaffe look big and active. A positive muscle-skeletal correlation explains for Parsifal’s overall lightness when moving. Talking about Parsifal’s dressage potential when he is confirmed in PSG/Inter I and offering high quality GP exercises sounds unnecessary, as he seems to be a potentially top horse for the highest dressage levels based on the quality we see today.



Parsifal's father is FEI GP and reserve conformation champion at SICAB Impaciente II, from the well known Ventura Camacho bloodlines (Military Stud origins). Impaciente II is been given the award of "Elite" stallion of the breed, a qualification only given to two horses so far in the PRE history. Bribona IX, mother to Parsifal is probably the best and most important foundation mare of the BRH stud, already retired due to her age. She is a grand daughter of Centella V, conformation champion of Spain and without doubt one of the most important PRE horses in the breed recent history.  

Parsifal's pedigree


Sports results

Parsifal made his debut in competition in April 2017 in PSG level. Later in the same year he debuted in Inter I level. His scores have range between 67% and 69%


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