Prometeo BRH


Date of birth


General Description

Prometeo BRH is one of those difficult to find Baroque super handsome horses that happen to be very sportive horses too . Genetically speaking Prometeo is a blend of Guardiola, Military Stud and Granda lines. Apart from an incredible mover, Prometeo shows an amazing easy character. He is a sound and happy horse, born and located in a piro free area of Spain. Clean xrays available.

Conformation and potential for sport

Prometeo is an improved version of his amazing dad Obispo XVI, more uphill and with the longer and more angled croup of his mother Gacela Arenas. Prometeo is a very squared horse ,but with quite long legs. An overall Baroque conformation with a strong neck, short and strong back and loin and a very powerful croup. He shows three good gaits full of energy and willingness to please his rider. Prometeo is naturally uphill which, in combination with an excellent hind leg conformation and his powerful sloped croup and his cooperative character, make us believe, he is a promising dressage prospect.


Prometeo's dad is CALIFICADO stallion Obispo XVI, a horse that is also trained PSG level. Gacela Arenas, Prometeo's mother is a blend of Guardiola (Centello III line) and Military Stud and Granda lines, with Lebrijano III as one of the most relevant ancestors.   Pedigree of Prometeo BRH

Sports results

Prometeo has not been debuted yet.


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