Ranchero BRH


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General Description

Ranchero is a very impressive gelding, 17 hands tall, by the Military Stud stallion Cechero (by olympic horse Oleaje). Despite his size, Ranchero is proportionally a short horse with long legs, an excellent conformation for dressage. He has three very good gaits, specially the canter, although his walk is very nice too. He is training PSG level, still not confirmed, but he already offers some GP exercises, like a very good piaffe. There are clean xrays of Ranchero available. He is Piro free.

Conformación y potencial en doma

As before mentioned, Ranchero has a quite short upper line when compared to his height, a very good conformation for dressage, specially for iberian horses, who tend to lack strong backs. He is also naturally uphill, which explains his excellent uphill big canter. Despite his neck is a bit short, it is light and engages perfectly well with the horse’s head. Ranchero has a lot of bone, short, strong cannon bones and good angles. His croup is sloped and long, he is capable of lowering his heap to offer a beautiful piaffe and overall nice collected movements, again despite his 17 hands. Based on his existing training level and his origins, (GP olympic ancestor Oleaje and three brothers in the six year old test in the final ANCCE coup in 2016) we believe Ranchero might be a GP horse.




  Ranchero's origins are definitely for sport. On his dad's side we find Oleaje, the Military Stud olympic stallion and Deco, one of the best moving stallions of the Military Stud. On his mother's side, we find also very functional origins by Martelillo, the best moving lines within the Guardiola stud (bullfighting lines). Ranchero's pedigree

Sports results

  Ranchero competed slightly at the age of four with averages of between 68% y 69%


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