Silencio BRH


Date of birth


General description

Silencio BRH is a wonderful sportive 16.4 hands stallion, bred and trained at the BRH stud. His dad is PSG, Qualified Stallion and JRR Excellent Abanico XVIII, also bred and trained at the BRH. Silencio’s mother is one the best BRH foundation mares Tibetana.

Silencio is trained 3th level and getting confirmed in the flying changes. His lovely character is one of his strongest points, he is a very easy horse, no stallion behaviour, no vices, he loves going out to the countryside, both alone or with other horses.

Silencio is a healthy horse who has never been lame, or suffered a colic. Despite he is a stallion he has never bred so in case of being shipped to the USA the cost of export would equal approximately the cost of exporting a gelding. He is tested free for piro and has clean xrays.

Conformation and potential for sport

The conformation of Silencio is that of an sport horse. Approximately squared, same height than length, Silencio is an above the average tall dressage iberian horse with 16.4 hands (1.66 m). He is a very solid horse with good bone and big hooves. He has a long powerful shoulder, high withers, straight back and well connected round loin. His croup is sloped, long and powerful. Both his front and hind legs are straight and strong. Silencio’s gaits are correct, being his trot his best gait. He is a pleasure to ride because he is very comfortable and always  focussed on the rider’s aids. He is sensitive to the leg, so excellent mount for riders who hate having to push the horses forward. He is confirmed in third level but already offers piaffe, pirouettes and is getting confirmed in the flying changes. Apart from that he is an absolutely beautiful stallion that could add lots of value to any Andalusian/PRE breeder.


  Silencio's pedigree is excellent. His dad is PSG, Qualified, JRR Excellent stallion Abanico XVIII, a wonderful stallion bred and trained at the BRH that is today competing in Canada and the US by his owner. Silencio's mother is one of the BRH top foundation mares called Tibetana. Silencio has two brothers competing in the USA in the hands of excellent riders. Silencio's pedigree

Sports results

Silencio BRH has only competed once at the age of 4 getting a score of 69.200%, due to a large amount of horses to train and show, we have never competed him again. Silencio loads well in the trailer and travels without any problem.


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