Tiberio BRH


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General description

Tiberio BRH is wonderful 16.2 hands gray virgin stallion, with a very sportive conformation. Genetically speaking he is literally a pure Guardiola horse from the very best lines within the Guardiola horse lineage. Tiberio’s incredibly nice character is without doubt one of his strongest points. Tiberio is a very healthy horse located in a piro free area. Xrays available.

Conformation and potential for sport

With a squared conformation, long legs and also long and light neck, Tiberio is a very sportive horse. He has an excellent top line, that connects smoothly with a strong loin. His croup is also long and sloped. His hind leg conformation is one of his strongest points, straight, falling just beneath his body. He has three very good gaits, specially walk and canter. We would highlight Tiberio’s natural ability for showing a natural uphill frame and an incredible connection despite his age.
Tiberio’s great brain for sport should also be highlighted, he is wonderful to deal with, but has the typical wonderful go under saddle most BRH horses have. Hard working horse is always ready for the rider’s demands. We believe Tiberio has a great potential for sport. His father is GP stallion Tracio BRH and his mother has produced some of the most rideable BRH horses like Bolero BRH or Borneo BRH, both in PSG/Inter I level.


Tiberio BRH is literally a Guardiola horse with a pure Guardiola father bred by the BRH stud called Tracio and a pure Guardiola mother also bred at the BRH stud, called Ingeniera VI. Tracio is a CALIFICADO stallion, JRR and competing in GP. Ingeniera IV is mother to some of the best dressage horses bred by the BRH stud. Bolero BRH, Meteora BRH, Borneo BRH or Elbrus are just some examples of what this mare has produced so far, all of them with the most incredible brain for sport and two of them in PSG level.   Pedigree of Tiberio BRH

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