Tiziano BRH


General Description

Tiziano BRH is a horse with a very sportive conformation, strong, good bone, big hooves and very good leg angles. His neck is long and very light and his head is too. This sportive conformation is the result of his excellent origins. His father is Trajano IX, one of the best horses we have ever bred and closely related to various other BRH horses in GP and PSG. The combination of Tiziano’s good conformation, three very good gaits and a super cooperative and easy going attitude, make us believe he is a high level dressage prospect. Tiziano was born and has been bred at the BRH stud. There are Xrays available and he is Piro free.

Training level

Tiziano is currently trained second level (five year old level test). Although he is still confirming his balance, due to his age and height, he is already capable and very ready to be competed in his level with high scores potential in our view. His walk is excellent, his trot is suspended and cadenced, his canter is also very good but still needs to get more uphill. Very nice walk to canter transitions and counter canter and most importantly a complete lack of tension.


As we mentioned before, Tiziano is a son of Trajano IX, one of BRH's best stallions ever bred at the stud and dad to some of the stud's best horses like Hermes BRH, Meteora BRH, Elbrus BRH, etc. Tiziano's mum is Capitana, by Centello V, again a top functional horse bred by the Guardiola family.  Family tree of Tiziano BRH

Sports results

No competition experience


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