Vulcano BRH


Date of birth


General Description

Vulcano BRH is big 17 hands boy, handsome and with very nice  movements. Born and trained at the BRH stud. He has competed extensively in 2016, when he was four, in different national shows with scores ranging between 67% and 72%. Vulcano does not only have an excellent conformation for sport, but also a nice and easy character, absolutely bomb proof mount. He is a healthy horse, never lame or with a history of colics.

Conformation and potential for dressage

Despite his 17 hands, Vulcano is a shorter than longer horse. His legs are also long and he is naturally uphill. All these explains for his uphill movements and his capacity for collection. Vulcano’s top line is excellent, straight and very well connected with a strong round loin and a long and sloped croup. His heap goes down easily. Vulcano also has a long, powerful shoulder, forming an open angle with his arm. His neck is elegant and light. All in all, he shows a great conformation for the sport of dressage, together with lots of beauty. A very impressive horse altogether. Vulcano is currently consolidating fourth level, with beautiful changes. He is also offering nice pirouettes and piaffe. We believe he will be in PSG in a couple of months.

All the before said, together with his dressage lineage (he has many close relatives in PSG and GP) makes us believe he will reach the high levels and has the quality to be a successful dressage competitor.



  Vulcano is by BRH stallion Trajano IV, full brother of important horses such as Ebano and Centeno  BRH (PSG), but also related to other highly trained horses such as Tracio (GP), Abanico (PSG), Nubio (GP), Borneo BRH (GP). On his mum's side, Vulcano's mother is Tibetana, one of BRH´s most important mares, also mother of Romano BRH, among other great horses. Vulcano's Pedigree

Sports results

  Vulcano made his debut in competition at national level in 2016 at the age of four with scores ranging between 67% and 72%.


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